Lent – Saturday of the first week

The weekend. A time when our routines change from a work away from home schedule to a work at home schedule for many. Working different muscles, different ways. Lent is like that in our spiritual life – a time of focusing differently than the rest of the year. Re-evaluating our faith in an effort to deepen it. Many avenues exist to help us in this matter, but be careful.

When someone says you should believe this or that, rather than opening you up to possibilities without pressure, I’d say it’s time to run. When someone says you should do this or that, and they are the ones that benefit from your actions, I’d say it’s time to walk away. For too much of our lives we have people telling us what to do, what to believe.

Your beliefs are your own. Your beliefs are forged from your environment as seen through the prism of your soul’s lens. Each person is unique, to an extent, in that way – in how they view the world and the events around them. Two people can witness the same thing and describe it differently, see different things hidden within. For someone to tell you what to believe, they are only telling you what they believe.

This Lent, consider what you believe. How does your experience of God lead you? What have you learned this past year that has changed or strengthened your beliefs?

Rest in God is.

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