Lent – Tuesday week 3

You may have noticed that yesterday I did not set any goals for the week. We are too goal-oriented. Everything has to be compiled in a task list, prioritized, marked completed and filed away as we move on to accomplish another item on our list.

That’s not living, to me. When I first attended a workshop on using a planner, back in the late 80s, my initial reaction was one of aversion, or distaste.

I’m not that well-ordered a person, in terms of wanting my life to run like clockwork with every area planned to the smallest minutiae. Some people have that characteristic. I don’t.

So this Lent, I strive not to come out at the end and think, ‘look at all that I accomplished!’ It’s not a time for measurement, for answering questions like: Are you closer to God? Do you have a deeper faith? Were you ‘successful’ in what you wanted to do this time?

I do not want to measure something that’s linked to something unmeasurable. (God) Therefore, I will only consider that I experienced what I was supposed to experience during this time. I did what I did. That’s all.

Because it’s not a competition to be in a relationship.

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  1. In the Roman Catholic Liturgy we do read the passion on Passion Sunday. It’s more puloparly known as Palm Sunday because the liturgy begins with the blessing of palm or other branches, followed by the reading of the narrative of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in the last wseek of his mortal life. Then, usually, there is a procession from the place where the blessing took place to the church proper. Passiontide has begin. The gospel during Mass is the account of the Passion as found in the gosppel being read that year. In 2010 we are reading the gospel according to Luke. Happy Easter!

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