Lent – Sunday week 4

Sacrifice. It’s a theme we will visit regularly in the coming weeks as we approach the annual passion reading. I include it in today’s reflection here.

It’s easy to feel loved when someone says they gave everything for you, including themselves, or their child. How great is that? Would you be willing to give up your life for a best friend? An acquaintance? A stranger?

What if, as Crossan and Borg and others contend, this idea is incorrect? When we read the rest of the passage, it states that God sent Jesus so that we might have life. Not to condemn the world, but to save it.

Jesus lived as we should strive to live. Unfortunately, that means sacrifice.

Parents sacrifice for their children. Spouses sacrifice for each other. These take on many facets, but I believe they do one thing – they make us better as humans, stepping outside ourselves for the sake of others.

What if Jesus came into the world to save it, by showing everyone how they should act? Follow my lead, and we can change the world, he might have been saying. The ultimate example.  Seems so few follow it.

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