Slow Down the Rat Race in Your Head

Ever feel like you’re mind is running on steroids, jumping from one thought to another, racing to the next task on your GD (gotta do) list?

How do you slow it down? How do you quit measuring where you are and just be there? I’m sure there are plenty of meditation sites that cover this idea. Have you ever noticed that most ideas aren’t new, they’re just packaged in a way you now understand? Well, this might be another one.

I’m looking at this upcoming Lent as a different time. Not a quiet time that will pass in 47 days and then I’ll return to where I was before. No, a time where I will become aware of some part of who I am, or more directly, who I pretend to be, and look at how I might make some adjustments to the pretend changes to a more realistic view of myself.

In other words, to show others who I really am. If you’re interested, the journal is due out before Lent and will have some days of free downloads. (It’s cheap, anyway, at 99 cents.)


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