Ash Wednesday – Day 1

Day 1 and if you’re like me, you were thinking ahead of how you might spend this Lent, thinking you want to maximize the experience, as if you were limited to this time period. You’re not, are you?

So I read the first reflection and decided I had better slow down. I thought about how we so often want to toot our own horn, brag about our accomplishments, say something so someone will take notice of us. As I consider what I will shed this Lent, (my wife would say, “How about some pounds?”), I wonder if I could do so without telling anyone. I wonder if they would notice.

Is it even important that they do? God notices. Isn’t that enough?


p.s. – The 2 ebooks are available as free downloads today, 2/13: I Believe (the year long one) here and Irrational Joy (Lent only) here.

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