Lent – Day 2

Discernment. I think that can be a tricky word, tricky in the sense that we can fool ourselves. Still, waiting can sometimes clarify not only God’s intentions, but our own. Time reveals new information, exposes bad assumptions; it can make us appear foolish or wise. I’m considering my list for this Lent, not acting yet, still considering. There are several items on it, and I am examining them to see how they reflect who I am. Are they accurate? Is there something that reflects who I am that I’m not willing to accept?

In some cases we may think, “That’s not really who I am,” denying the fact that yes, it is, but it is not who I want to be, because it doesn’t reflect something deeper inside me. It has covered the real me up for one reason or another.

Realization. We are on the first step of the RADAR process, and can see how discernment helps us to understand and realize the true nature of what we want to shed from ourselves. So if you are thinking, “I need to lose weight,” the deeper realization might come when you ask, “What am I doing that is putting weight on me? Why am I doing it?” This takes you to the core, the root, that no diet plan can address.


p.s. – Thank you to all those who took advantage of the free download period. Statistics show at least 5 countries on 2 continents!

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