Lent – Day 3

Still thinking, still considering, still realizing that I can dig deeper to uncover what I need to change. I remained silent long enough to come to a new understanding in one endeavor, and that served me better than speaking before I knew the true dynamics of the situation. Amazing. And yet we rush around thinking the more we do the better we’ll be, the more we say the smarter we’ll appear; but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

So I’m still working on realizing what it is I need to shed, or change. But I notice that the more I rest in that realization period, the more I observe what I am doing or how I am presenting myself, that I am adjusting my behavior. It might be something subtle, (and certainly didn’t include the two filled doughnuts), it might even be unconscious on my part, but it does take place.

I think realization and awareness are closely linked. They overlap to some degree, though I want to explore the awareness phase in more detail beginning Monday. It’s difficult in this day to not feel the need to accomplish, to get to a finish line. Only when you realize that we all have the same finish line does that need to race to it begin to diminish. Only then do you begin to feel the true joy of the current moment.


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