Lent – Day 4

I know the titles to these posts are unoriginal, probably seo-unfriendly, but that’s just the point. In an anti- attitude, I’m not interested in drawing attention to this with some flashy headline. This is a time for reflection, a time for quiet. So if you wonder why the post times are always different, it’s because I’m walking though the time as it happens, not ahead of time and scheduled. That would defeat the purpose.

We’ve reached the last day of the opening half week, before a traditional free day, before our reflecting on the first phase of the process. If you don’t count Sundays, then this is 10% of the way in. It’s normal to think, ‘What have I done so far?’ But that’s a question for tomorrow. For today, we continue to rest in God, considering those things that have been revealed to us that we need to become more aware of in our daily lives.

Is something already clear to you? If so, let it simmer, as the longer you think about it, the more ideas will come to you as to how to address it; or the deeper you’ll go into uncovering just what it is that’s at the root of the behavior. I have several things I’m considering, and will let them weigh against each other until tomorrow, when it will be time to make a choice and move forward into phase two.

May God’s love bring you joy,


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