Lent – Day 8

Awareness. Did you experience it yesterday? I found several instances where I had an opportunity. Did I take it? Not yet. I’m still trying to understand the what’s underneath. In this race-about world, it’s easy to jump to the first conclusion, take the first fork in the road, without considering just is going on. When you slow down, (and some may accuse me of virtually standing still), you let God work inside you, revealing your true spirit, your true soul.

You uncover the truth, and begin to realize that maybe what you thought you should do wouldn’t fix anything, wouldn’t change anything, wouldn’t put you on a path of love, but rather one of deception.

Kind of like dieting. We eat ridiculously small amounts of food, or special foods we wouldn’t normally buy (because they are so overpriced), and then expect once we’ve reached our goal we can just go back to what we were doing. Nothing really changed. It was just an exercise. Is Lent merely an exercise for you? Or are you hoping it helps you grow into who you are, even if it only brings you one step closer.


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