Lent – Day 16

The pope. Those two words lately generate quite a bit of conversation and controversy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some time in the future the reasons why he stepped down become evident. His position commands such great reverence and respect from many people that I think some of them believe him to be perfect. I’m sure he would disagree, and his actions, if they were known, would reveal a human being, someone just like any of us lesser-knowns or unknowns.

As we spend time discovering how we might respond differently, the key is looking for consistency. By this I mean something consistent with our inborn nature. When each of us is born, we are born with innate talents, and with capabilities that, with practice, can be developed into additional talents. So I might say I was born with a natural ability to learn. However, until I use that talent, my capabilities in other areas will not develop.

To attempt to do something contrary to your nature is very difficult, requires a lot of energy and focus, and when we consider the change as something we want to carry on for a lifetime, might be considered unrealistic.

I’ve discovered I have several responses I can use to change a behavior. I have a few more days to discover other ways, and to choose the most natural way, such that it complements my nature rather than go against it, making it easy to implement as I practice, practice, practice.


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