Christmas in 9

With only 9 days until Christmas, the pressure mounts on those who procrastinate. One thing to keep in mind, (which one of my recent reflections talks about) is that too often we find we are buying presents so that we will appear to be someone we are not (though this may be unintentional or not foremost in our minds). We could be trying to keep up with other relatives and their buying habits, trying to buy the admiration and love of our spouse/children/etc., or just wanting to appear the magnanimous one.

I suggest instead consider who you are – and what gift(s) would reflect you the best. Of course, at this time you’ll also come across the old saying (I’m not sure how old it really is, though), of ‘presence, not presents’, and though this states the obvious about which is more important, I don’t believe it goes far enough.

What else could you do to extend that presence, even with a small present?

Peace, John

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