Lent – Wednesday week 2

Do you feel any different? I don’t mean because this day only comes around every four years.

If you run through life without reflection, and wait until this time, then I hope you do feel a difference. A calmness. A determination. Each day is meant to be lived, not skipped. But there are different ways to ‘live’ a day. One can rush through it, trying to get as much done as possible. One can ignore it, planning for a future day. One can dread it, hoping it will pass better than the day before.

I can’t judge how anyone lives their days, because I have not travelled their exact path. I can lift up their spirits to the Creator, hoping to strengthen them for the next step they will take.

What if you do reflect every day? It could be through meditation, prayer, or any number of ways. If you offer all your actions to God, each action becomes a reflection. How to make this deeper during Lent? I’d suggest adding something new to your routine. Or breaking it by changing it. Variety is a wonderful thing. I remember a friend sharing a book with me. It had given her great insight. And I asked her why, when it said nothing that she hadn’t already read somewhere else.

It was the way it was said. It spoke to her on a deeper level.

Until tomorrow, rest in God, for God is.

Lent – Monday week 2

The short first week is over. It’s tempting to want to review and evaluate how one did during that week. “Am I fully into it? Am I doing enough?” Did you take a ‘free’ Sunday?

Once again, this is common and I think counterproductive. It is too easy to get caught up in berating oneself, always finding the negative and identifying that which needs improvement. We always need improvement. That’s a given. Rather than focusing on the negative, view each day as another step on the journey.

Notice I didn’t say (though the thought occurred to me) to celebrate the positives. The reason is, you can get caught up in congratulating yourself, stroking your ego, and before you realize it you’ve put yourself above others.

That is not the purpose of your journey.

How often do you see someone brag about their accomplishment, when it is something you would have expected them to do anyway? It’s one thing to show elation, another to act as if it makes you better than someone else.

This week I will strive to rest in God.

And let God’s sacredness guide me.

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