Lent – Day 4

I know the titles to these posts are unoriginal, probably seo-unfriendly, but that’s just the point. In an anti- attitude, I’m not interested in drawing attention to this with some flashy headline. This is a time for reflection, a time for quiet. So if you wonder why the post times are always different, it’s because I’m walking though the time as it happens, not ahead of time and scheduled. That would defeat the purpose.

We’ve reached the last day of the opening half week, before a traditional free day, before our reflecting on the first phase of the process. If you don’t count Sundays, then this is 10% of the way in. It’s normal to think, ‘What have I done so far?’ But that’s a question for tomorrow. For today, we continue to rest in God, considering those things that have been revealed to us that we need to become more aware of in our daily lives.

Is something already clear to you? If so, let it simmer, as the longer you think about it, the more ideas will come to you as to how to address it; or the deeper you’ll go into uncovering just what it is that’s at the root of the behavior. I have several things I’m considering, and will let them weigh against each other until tomorrow, when it will be time to make a choice and move forward into phase two.

May God’s love bring you joy,


Lent – Day 3

Still thinking, still considering, still realizing that I can dig deeper to uncover what I need to change. I remained silent long enough to come to a new understanding in one endeavor, and that served me better than speaking before I knew the true dynamics of the situation. Amazing. And yet we rush around thinking the more we do the better we’ll be, the more we say the smarter we’ll appear; but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

So I’m still working on realizing what it is I need to shed, or change. But I notice that the more I rest in that realization period, the more I observe what I am doing or how I am presenting myself, that I am adjusting my behavior. It might be something subtle, (and certainly didn’t include the two filled doughnuts), it might even be unconscious on my part, but it does take place.

I think realization and awareness are closely linked. They overlap to some degree, though I want to explore the awareness phase in more detail beginning Monday. It’s difficult in this day to not feel the need to accomplish, to get to a finish line. Only when you realize that we all have the same finish line does that need to race to it begin to diminish. Only then do you begin to feel the true joy of the current moment.


Slow Down the Rat Race in Your Head

Ever feel like you’re mind is running on steroids, jumping from one thought to another, racing to the next task on your GD (gotta do) list?

How do you slow it down? How do you quit measuring where you are and just be there? I’m sure there are plenty of meditation sites that cover this idea. Have you ever noticed that most ideas aren’t new, they’re just packaged in a way you now understand? Well, this might be another one.

I’m looking at this upcoming Lent as a different time. Not a quiet time that will pass in 47 days and then I’ll return to where I was before. No, a time where I will become aware of some part of who I am, or more directly, who I pretend to be, and look at how I might make some adjustments to the pretend changes to a more realistic view of myself.

In other words, to show others who I really am. If you’re interested, the journal is due out before Lent and will have some days of free downloads. (It’s cheap, anyway, at 99 cents.)


New Lenten Journal Coming

Just a quick note, as I have much writing to do. I’ve decided, or been led, to create a new Lenten journal. For those who have picked up earlier ones, this one will be a bit different. First, I will offer it on Amazon as an ebook, with possibly a color photo paperback book. (It appears a bit cheaper than another site I was looking at.) Second, this one is designed to be a daily journal, with reflections written for each day. It’s been a while since I looked at the earlier ones, but I don’t recall writing a daily one. And it is focused on something new – so there will be additional thoughts as to how you might approach Lent.

Are you tired of the same old routine: Giving up, doing more? This journal, tentatively titled Irrational Joy, will look at the time from a different perspective. I hope you find it worthwhile.

On Amazon the ebook will be in the Kindle Select Program, and I anticipate giving free downloads the week that Lent begins. (M-F)

Thanks for your support and encouragement.


Again a thank you!

Once again I have to say thanks! The response to the 2 free download days was great, and I hope that those who can now read the ebook find it helpful in their quest for a deeper faith, a deeper understanding of what they believe in and why.

I think it’s scary to face something held dear and question its validity. It’s not easy. It can shake the very foundations of one’s world view. So I understand when someone gets vociferous in defense of what they believe. I think after so many years of listening to others and discussing with them – notice how these discussions are covert attempts to convince the other that what you believe is right? – I decided I no longer needed to defend my position, nor attack theirs.

We’re each on a journey through this life, and our paths may cross multiple times, or merge for short or long distances. There are multiple ways to reach the destination, but I believe we will all reach it. What guides you on your path may not guide me, though above our separate descriptions of what guides us one master, in my view.

May your journey be more fruitful and fulfilling in this year.

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