New Lenten Journal Coming

A new journal to be used for Lent is in the works and should be available before Lent begins. If I can get the paperback ready in time, that will also be available. The main difference is the paper book will contain color photographs to assist in reflecting.

The approach with the journal is, hopefully, somewhat different that what you are used to – no giving up things, no doing extra good works – nothing like that this time. When I thought about Lent and its intentions, I realized or thought that for many people this is just a ‘time-out’ time, a quiet time that is soon forgotten in the Easter season.

I am coming at this Lent in a different way. One thing I read years ago was that you couldn’t change someone; however, by changing yourself, you would force them to change as they would now have to deal with someone new. The focus of this Lent, in the new journal, will be one of self-discovery and change – something that might lead to a permanent or more lasting movement in your faith and life.


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