Lent – Friday of the first week

Beyond no meat and no candy and no tv, beyond opening doors for others, greeting them with a smile, donating to the poor – beyond giving up and doing extra. Aren’t those ‘doing’ behaviors ones we should be exhibiting every day? And as far as giving up goes, it’s easier for those without an inclination, or a sweet tooth craving, or a biological inheritance. It’s fine if you’re trying to improve your self-control.

But God is

in the people you meet, and the plants that you hold, and the animals that you pet, and the rocks that you throw. In the meat and candy and tv.

God is. And this Friday I will be grateful for all those in my life, both now and in the future. For how they’re shaping the person I’m becoming.

Notice how the less you talk, the more you see? How the less you brag about yourself, the more people remember you.

God is. In the silence.

Lent – Thursday of the first week

God is.

We are.

When I look at people and consider the notion that we are all made in God’s image, I have to think the image must not be a physical one. Either that, or like the eye of a fly, God is multi-faceted. And only by putting all the different shapes and sizes and colors and accents and beliefs and hair styles and attitudes and talents and handicaps together – can you get a nearer approximation of what God is.

And still, God will be beyond that, I’m sure.

I will reflect on ‘God is’ in everyone I see today.

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