Follow me, follow you

Only three more days until Christmas, and I was thinking of how stressful it can be to avoid the rush and crush. It can take a lot of energy to try to remain calm, avoiding the crowds, staying out of the way. Then I went to the library. There’s a nice, relaxing, quiet place.

I think too often we are working to satisfy others’ expectations, and not focusing on our own and letting them guide us. When we look to others for stability, rather than inside, we step away from being true to ourselves. Not all the time, of course. Sometimes we come in contact with the right person, and our growth is accelerated by what we learn or how we are treated and cared for. When we are centered and balanced, we are able to recognize and acknowledge this person in our lives truthfully.

It’s when we are reaching for something, moving in a direction we shouldn’t, that we follow the wrong person, get caught up in pleasing them or thinking that what they have to tell us or teach us is what we need to hear, when in fact it’s the opposite. And that closes us off to the voice of the Spirit.

With 3 days to go, are you comfortable with who you are, where you’re going, and what you’re doing? If not, you might want to take stock of your situation.

Peace and happiness this holiday season, and every day of the year.

Second Sunday of Advent

A second candle is lighted, if you use the Advent wreath in your house. Mine’s still atop the fridge, but I hope to bring it down this week and dust it off. It might help me slow down a bit during this time of increased hectivity. That word could be considered a sniglet, from Rich Hall’s HBO program of the 80’s called Not Necessarily the News. I’m not a big fan of the gospel of Matthew, but that’s what we have for this year, so I’ll use it to reflect on specific little things.

For instance, in today’s reading, the least in heaven is considered greater than John the Baptist. As a programmer, this could be written this way:


YourRank¬† :=¬† LEAST(‘any person in heaven’,God) > ‘John the Baptist’;

If this is true (as shown above), you should never sell yourself short.


St. Louis signing and new links

Greetings, all,

I attended a church conference in St. Louis the last week in October and signed, sold and gave away more books than I had anticipated, to people from California to Colorado to Chicago and points beyond.

It’s a humbling experience to me to see the reactions of people who have read the book. The store website is up – only a few pages left to modify and set up but the ordering and shipping module are set up now.

On this site, I’ll be talking about faith and how to live it. I’m adding a link to Dr. Margie’s website. She offers a testimonial on the back cover of the book. Her organization is currently working in Haiti and is a non-profit.

I’ve also added a link to the St. Francis Virtual House of Studies where they produce the Progressive Catholic Review. They are part of the Franciscans of Reconciliation, a Franciscan organization in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC).

May the peace of Christ fill your life with joy,