Again a thank you!

Once again I have to say thanks! The response to the 2 free download days was great, and I hope that those who can now read the ebook find it helpful in their quest for a deeper faith, a deeper understanding of what they believe in and why.

I think it’s scary to face something held dear and question its validity. It’s not easy. It can shake the very foundations of one’s world view. So I understand when someone gets vociferous in defense of what they believe. I think after so many years of listening to others and discussing with them – notice how these discussions are covert attempts to convince the other that what you believe is right? – I decided I no longer needed to defend my position, nor attack theirs.

We’re each on a journey through this life, and our paths may cross multiple times, or merge for short or long distances. There are multiple ways to reach the destination, but I believe we will all reach it. What guides you on your path may not guide me, though above our separate descriptions of what guides us one master, in my view.

May your journey be more fruitful and fulfilling in this year.

A New Year Beckons

We’re on the cusp of the new year, and as I listen to people’s resolutions and consider my own, I also think that these are things that should be part of our daily life, not something we attempt only at the beginning of a new year. However, knowing my own failings, it’s a good point in time to renew our resolve, to reconsider what we are doing, what we are living for, and give thanks for each moment in our lives – even the difficult ones.

Thank you to those who have downloaded my new ebook, I Believe. I hope it guides you to deepen your own faith, to consider what you believe in, and come closer to God. Our journeys can cover many miles, or we can choose to rest in a comfortable place, never reaching out to see what may await us. I prefer to continue walking, not knowing exactly where I’m going, but cherishing each step as it brings me to a new understanding of humanity and faith.

Search out one new source of inspiration this year. It might surprise you what you learn!


Thank you!

Thank you to all those who downloaded I Believe: A Year of Reflecting on One’s Faith. I hope you find it to be helpful in examining your own faith and beliefs and in facing the daily challenges in your life. I know it has helped me as I wrote it. I look forward to any feedback you might have.

I find inspiration in the most unlikely of places, though when I think about it, this may be the most likely place: a sales website. Because sales are all about motivating yourself to keep selling. However, Geoffrey James gives good advice for everyday living as well. Here’s one of his blog posts that you might like.


Two Free Days!

Yes, you read that right, my Christmas gift to you is 2 days of free downloads for I Believe – the ebook. If you enjoy it and would like to hold one in your hands, pick up the paperback as well! I hope your holiday season is all you expect it to be; and I also hope you don’t expect too much! Why? We only have this moment – let’s celebrate it and not put too much on hold for the future.

Does that mean stop planning? No. When I’m working on a project I lay out the steps by day that I need to accomplish and work toward the goal of completing it on time, but I try not to stress (key word here is ‘try’ – yeah, it’s not easy for me either!) when you fall behind; not to focus too much on things outside your control.

Wishing you all the best!



I hesitated to comment on the senseless slaughter of innocents in Connecticut, but finally decided I would summarize some ideas here for your consideration. I also prefer not to label these my own beliefs, because I think when one does that, (even though I think one should stand up for what they believe in), it polarizes others into an us vs. them debate, and then nothing happens as neither side is willing to budge. Beliefs rarely change for someone when they view someone else’s situation.

That said, I wonder if several discussions could be started that might lead to more productive and constructive actions. The martyrs and saints of Newtown deserve honest dialogue – about life. Until we recognize that our most precious gift in this world is life, and that once here we are required to support and nurture it, these things will continue.

Others have written of lives lost daily in inner cities that go unnoticed and ignored. It’s a privileged society, and only when the privileged suffer do the alarms ring, and loudly. How could this happen? How could it be stopped? And then the other side shouts “Don’t even think about taking away my guns!” And people many states away and far removed from the tragedy arm themselves and prepare as if this were an epidemic and not an isolated incident.

It is an epidemic. An epidemic of fear. If I use a kitchen knife to chop carrots and I cut my finger, I clean the wound and put a bandage on it. If I use a machete to chop carrots and I cut my finger, I go to the hospital to either have it re-attached, or to fix what’s left of my finger. If the tool is available, you must accept the level of destruction it can accomplish.

I pray for those lost in Newtown, for those who remain, and for all those whose loss goes unnoticed and uncared for. Martyrs and saints are made every day, usually out of our sight, but not God’s.

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