Thanksgiving Paradox

The Thanksgiving Paradox

What do I mean by a Thanksgiving paradox? As I reflected on all those people in my life who I’m thankful for, I came to realize this holiday has been darkened by Black Friday, due to the extension of that shopping spree to cover this entire week. The little focus that is given to this holiday is now overshadowed by materialistic greed.

Seriously, how many of you use Black Friday sales to do your Christmas shopping for others only? I’ve been as guilty as the rest – finding a great bargain in something I wanted (but not always needed), and braving the hungry crowds fighting to save a few dollars. I think this may be the third most spiritual holiday (after Christmas and Easter) in a faith-based sense, yet it is given less attention than any other (including Memorial, Labor, and Independence days).

Today let us remember those we are thankful for – people (and/or pets) – who make life worth living.



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