Lent – Day 35

This week the hope is that sometimes your change is second nature, accomplished without thinking about it. Today is the Feast of St. Joseph. He’s touted as a great worker, but I haven’t read much about him. I wonder what a piece of his carpentry work would fetch today? My guess is an unbelievable amount. In this Lenten practice, this is our last week of focusing on what we are changing, as next week is Holy Week, and we spend that time in reflection without action. I think once something becomes second nature, automatic, we achieve that same level.


Lent – Wednesday week 4


I watched The Hangover the other night, for a second time. The difference was I had received a copy of the screenplay, and so I could see the differences between the original writers’ ideas, and the final product. The changes in characters, in names, in dialogue and events.

Lent is like that. It’s a look at our life and our faith and a time to deepen or change them. I don’t think it’s ever easy. My spiritual director once told me that most people never change, and for those that do, the change is often very small. Yet when someone makes a small change in their life, in how they act or react, how they behave – the impact on others can be tremendous.

The difference is considered huge, it’s noticed and commented on. If you look and decide you don’t like what you see in yourself, or you want to make a change in one area, consider that it’s not necessary to take a huge leap. A small step frequently cascades down a staircase of more steps until you reach a different level without even realizing it.

God can be like that in your life. The more aware you become, the more you seem to discover the works of the sacred one in your life.

Because in everything, God is.

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