Lent – Holy Thursday

She sat down a couple seats and across from me, and never looked better. Her face shone. Others engaged her, so I just smiled and remained quiet, content to talk to those around me, to listen to the conversation.

My wife hugged her goodbye when we left for the night, ahead of her. They promised to be in touch.

Two days later she was gone.

I wonder if the disciples and friends of Jesus were aware of what he was saying, what he meant. Would they have fought as Peter did by drawing the sword? Why is our response always so violent? What do we gain by harming others? How can that outweigh the cost to our dignity?

Diane Marcou lives in us, and always will. A connection was made, and the passing on of one does not sever that connection.

Jesus lives on is us, if we are open. So do so many others. We are all made up of many parts, our own and the touches of others. We are each a melting pot, and the more ingredients mixed in, the richer the flavor.

God is like that – multi-faceted and unfathomable.

Lent – Wednesday Holy Week

One more day and the time is upon us – the supper, the cross.

If you were waiting to go, how would you feel? I wonder what went through the mind of a man David Brooks talked about. How appropriate the man’s first and middle name were Charles Darwin.

If this cup would pass…but it isn’t really up to us. I just wonder when our limit has been exceeded, what will our choice be?

Until that happens, I don’t think anyone would know. It’s easy to talk about something in the abstract, expounding platitudes and other grandiose ideas. It’s another to face it head on – and respond.

One thing I know is, I can never be mad at God. It’s pointless and counterproductive.

As Jesus prepared to spend a few last days with his friends, I spend today in quietness, leaving the radio in the car off, being quiet when I could speak up against an injustice or perceived slight; cherishing those around me. They are a part of my life.

They are where God is.

Lent – Monday Holy Week

The week.

The march to inevitability. Facing death. Wondering what’s beyond.

If it marks the end – a nothingness beyond – I would imagine that life would be meaningless. Yes, you could say you accomplished a lot, but for what? So that others get their turn to do the same thing? And for what?

I have to believe in meaning, in reason, in purpose. I think that means there is something beyond.

I believe that is when we find out – what God is. Who God is.

With that belief, the journey toward that inevitable destination can be filled with joy, filled with hope, filled with generosity.

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