Lent – Sunday week 5

This Sunday’s gospel reflection is here.

Continuing the thought about Dyer’s ideas about ego and universal mind, today’s gospel talks about losing your life to save it. And Dyer talked about wish fulfillment, and I could imagine many people thinking, ‘If only all my wishes came true!’ They would have missed the point – that the fulfillment is for things that are not for your ego.

When you read about someone (or know them personally), who seems to have everything, it usually turns out that they are missing something deeply. They turn to other stimulants to replace what they have not been able to buy.

There are several charities that promise to fulfill someone’s wish. And some of those wishes are worthwhile; the others I will not judge. I am not in their shoes and have not shared their experience. And I know what it’s like to get your wish.

When God touches you, joy and gratitude, and laughter – yes, laughter, explode from within you. That’s the power of God.

I hope this Lent has not been one of sorrow, but rather, of joy and laughter. Of ‘linking arms’ with God, and realizing that the journey we take, every step we are accompanied by the sacred one.